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Romance Before Marriage

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Romance Before Marriage

From the writings of Sumner Wemp


Romance before marriage


An awesome responsibility
You must realize that I work at these emails[originally not as a blog]. I pray and study and agonize over each one. These on marriage are so delicate that I am struggling to say what ought to be said and to say it Scripturally and sacredly. Pray for me.
Romance, P.M. pre-marriage.

Believe it or not, I was captain of a college basket ball team at one time. When playing basketball  you can dribble a basketball all you want until you go out of bounds. Once you dribble the ball out of bounds the game is stopped and you lose the ball. The same is true about romance. Sex must be kept in the bounds of a man and his wife or you break the rules that were set by God. 
Unmarried couples living together NEED someone to speak the truth in love and quickly. You and I don't make up the rules of right and wrong. The world is living as stated in the following scripture "every man did what was right in his own eyes" Judges 17:6. The advice columns are filled with tales of couples who live together without being married. The excuse is that the marriage license is only a piece of paper and we don't need it to live together. I am sorry but it is sin and it often leaves wounds and bruises that seldom are ever healed.
Romance OK until...

Holding hands, hugging and kissing, to most people in today's society  are normal and expected in romance. When sexual urges are aroused prior to marriage you must stop for God says if a man "lusts after a woman in his heart" Matt 5:28 he has committed adultery in his heart and that is sin. We must remember and understand that God is holy that God looks at the heart.
A.M. side of romance

After marriage, romance is to be enjoyed to the fullest! Read Proverbs 5:18-23. WOW. More to come on this subject.

Prayer:  O dear people it is so important that we all live pure and holy lives so we can glorify God and be filled with His blessing and joy. Father, bless Your dear people and help us to walk in the Sprit and not the flesh so we can live holy lives for Your glory and our good. In Jesus name

Marriage is a covenant between you and God so we should treat it as such and Glorify God through our marriage. visit my inJesus

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