Saturday, January 31, 2015


Jesus told a parable. A sower went forth to sow. Some seed fell by the wayside and the birds came and ate it. That seed didn't sprout. Then He said, "Some seed fell on stony ground and it could not get enough earth to get its roots started, and when the sun came out it withered." That seed was wasted; it didn't bring forth any fruit. Some seed fell among thorns, Jesus said. It springs up, but it't grow very well, and so doesn't bring any fruit to perfection.
Some people you get saved will not quit using tobacco. Some people you get saved will not start to win souls. Some people get saved and they don't even get baptized. That is too bad. That is a sin.
But wait! Jesus went on to say, "But some seed fell on good ground and brought forth, some thirty, some sixty, some an hundredfold." You cannot win everybody, but you can dead sure win somebody. - John R. Rice
They continued in prayer and in supplication. Prayer is asking; supplication is begging. - John R. Rice
(Eph. 6:1) When Joy was three years old she used to say, "Children, go 'bey your parents in the Lord." And then very triumphantly she would say, "For this is right! This is right!" And it is right! - John R. Rice
The Bible reader will be much interested to note that in the province of Galatia there was not one provincial church with branches in each city. No, they were "the churches of Galatia" -plural. Each local congregation was in itself a church. And there was no particular organic connection. There was no bishop over a group of churches. The local churches were not connected with a denomination. Each local congregation, an independent group of Christians, was a church.
We note, then, that the term does not mean a denomination. It does not mean a church building. It means a called-out assembly. Most times when used in the Bible it refers to a local congregation. - John R. Rice
"Brother Rice, you must not love your children if you whip them and make them do what you say, see that they get up when called the first time, and say, 'Yes. sir.'"
I loved my six girls enough so I didn't want one of them to be a harlot. I didn't want any of them to marry a drunkard, nor go to the dogs.
"Well, you can't tell how children will turn out," you say.
I can. I didn't leave mine for somebody else to turn out. By God's grace I helped turn mine out. - John R. Rice
Yet, though a Christian cannot lose his soul, never think that he has nothing to lose by sin! He can lose the joy of salvation, can lose his conscious daily fellowship with Christ. He can lose his influence, his happiness. Lukewarm Christians lose their joy, lose victory over sin, lose enjoyment of the Bible, lose the answers to their prayers, perhaps lose the souls they might win, and certainly lose much of the reward they might have had in Heaven. - John R. Rice
Of course, you feel that it is better to be a lukewarm Christian than to be a lost sinner going to Hell. And for YOU it is better. YOU had rather go to Heaven though by your indifferent living, your lukewarm heart, your pallid Christianity you sent a thousand others to Hell! And that is what many Christians really do. If you have truly trusted in Christ and so have been born again, you will go to ...Heaven. But if you are a lukewarm Christian, you thwart the Gospel and damn other souls. All some people ever will know of Christ is what they see in you. And what they see in you, many do not want. They see no victory over sin, no Christian joy, no sincere testimony. They see no evidence of a changed heart, no proof of the reality of Christ and salvation to the believer. The gospel as you live contradicts the gospel preachers preach. - John R. Rice
Lukewarm Christians are the alibi of sinners, the decoy ducks of Satan. Lukewarm Christians are double-crossers of Christ, spiritual adulterers who do more harm than good. - John R. Rice

Friday, January 30, 2015


Evangelist Matt Downs

Proverbs 8:33

I. We need to Make the Decision to be Generous [Prov. 22:9, Eph. 4:32]

-be generous with your time
-be generous with your words

II. We need to Make the Decision to be Growing in the Lord [Pr. 9:9, 1 Pet. 2:2, 2 Pet. 3:18]

III. We need to Make the Decision to be Humble [Pr. 6:16-19, Dan. 4:30-37]

IV. We need to Make the Decision to be Prepared [Amos 4:12]

-prepared to meet Jesus Christ in the area of salvation

-prepared to meet Jesus Christ in the area of our works

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Evangelist Matt Downs

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

The power of the resurrection provides us with three opportunities.

I. The opportunity to be Saved [v. 3-4]

II. The Opportunity to Serve the Lord [Phil. 3:10, Acts 27-28]

III. The Opportunity to Win Souls [1 Cor. 15:34]

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


1 Samuel 17:48ff, PSALM 51

David had been used of God. He sinned but wanted to be used of God again, so he knew he needed what we all need to be used of God.

I. To be Right with God [Ps. 51:10]

II. A Right Relationship with god [Ps. 51:11]

III. Rejoicing as he Went through Life [Ps. 51:12]

IV. Reaching Out to Others [Ps. 51:13]

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Evangelist Matt Downs & Family

Luke 15:11-32

I. The Younger Brother Was Selfish - "Father, Give me..."

1. He was Selfish with His Time [v. 13]

2. He was Selfish with His Money [v. 13-14]

3. He was Selfish with His Desires [v. 13]

II. The Older Brother was Bitter

1. He was Bitter in His Actions [v. 28]

2. he was Bitter in His Words [v. 29]

3. He was Bitter in His Attitude [he was unrepentant]

III. The Father was Loving

1. He was Generous

2. He was Gracious

3. He was Reasonable [Is. 1:18]

Monday, January 26, 2015


Evangelist Matt Downs

Numbers 32:20-23, esp. verse 23 " sure your sin will find you out!"

I. The Sin Of Disobedience [Gen. 2-3] Adam & Eve

II. The Sin of Carelessness [Judges 14-16] Samson

III. The Sin of Thinking I Can Trick God [1 Kings 22:30-38] Ahab

IV. The Sin of Lying [Acts 5] Ananias & Sapphira

V. The Sin of Thinking You are Better Than God's Man [Numbers 16] Korah

The Solution - Pr. 28:13, Ps. 51, 1 John 1:9

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Evangelist Matt Downs

Luke 15:1-10

Why seek the Lost?


1. The Examples of the Shepherd and the Lady [v. 3-10]

2. God Knows all about Us [Lk. 12:7, Jn. 10:3, 14]

3. He Sent His Son for Us [I Jn. 4:10]


1. It is Work [v. 4, 8, 20]

2. Sometimes it is Hard (but that can be a good thing)

3. It's never Boring (divine appointments, serving Jesus)

III. IT'S WORTH IT! [Lk. 15:10, 2 Cor. 11:23-33]

As the song says, "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does the Bible support slavery and racism?

Does the Bible support slavery and racism?


Doesn't the Bible Support Slavery?
Doesn't the Bible Support Slavery?
The issue of slavery usually conjures up thoughts of the harsh "race-based" slavery that was common by Europeans toward those of African descent in the latter few centuries. However, slavery has a much longer history and needs to be addressed biblically.
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Propaganda War Against the Ark!

Propaganda War Against the Ark!

Ken Ham believes some atheists are so obsessed with what AiG is doing that they search daily for whatever they can try to use to attack this ministry.

What About Bacteria?

What About Bacteria?

If God finished creation in six days and declared it "very good," where did disease-causing designs come from?

Ken Ham

Roe v. Wade and the Religion of Death

More than 50 million children have been murdered in their mother's wombs. I pray that we will weep before a holy God for those who chose death rather than life.

Danny Faulkner

Hugh Ross Is Right (Sort of) . . . The Debate Is Over

Contrary to what Ross claims, in the judgment of many prominent cosmologists the debate is over, and Hugh Ross lost.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week [this week]

Do not study the Bible with the counsel of the enemies of the Bible. The liberal who would take the crown of deity from the head of the Son of God, who would trample underfoot the atoning blood of our Saviour and who would take up the sneering question of Satan, "Yea, hath God said...?" is no fit teacher of God's Word. - John R. Rice

Here is God's simple way to be saved. You are a sinner, your heart is wrong, you cannot save yourself, you are already condemned. The thing you are to do then, to be saved, is to simply trust the Lord Jesus with that matter. When you do trust Him, then you have God's Promise, "Thou shalt be saved." - John R. Rice

You can believe that a certain physician is a good doctor when you are sick. You can believe that a certain man is a good lawyer without taking him as your lawyer to defend your case. You are not just to believe the truth about Jesus; you are to believe on Him, risk Him, trust Him; and when you do, you are saved. - John R. Rice

One cannot tell a Christian by his fruits because the first fruit, the main fruit of a Christian, is inside, and only God can see the heart. But you can tell a false prophet by his fruit, which is his prophecy--that which he teaches. You can tell a false teacher, and you have a right to judge a false teacher by his fruits, his teaching, the Bible says. [Mt. 7:15] - John R. Rice

You say, "I don't think so much of property rights as I do human rights." But property ownership is a human right. And God requires it. Any philosophy of government that violates this plain order of God--that people may earn or buy property and own it; people may buy it and keep it and use it, and may reap from it, and may invest in it, and earn from the investment--any philosophy that is against that, is against the Bible plan. - John R. Rice

What is the whole plan of Christ, The Bible Christianity? To save people from their sins. Oh, how often that comes up in the Bible! - John R. Rice

You may say, "I don't believe in Hell." What you believe and don't believe doesn't change it a particle. - John R. Rice

Thursday, January 22, 2015


HEBREWS 11:22-30


I. THE WISE FAITH [v. 22, Genesis 41:8, 33,  39]


1. The Wise Faith is a Sound Faith [v. 22a, 13-16, Gn. 50:24a]


2. The Wise Faith is a Sure Faith [v. 22, Gn. 50:24, Acts 21:34, 22:30; Phil. 3:1-3]


3. The Wise Faith is a Stedfast Faith [v. 22, 6:19, 2:2, 3:6 (firm), 2 Pt. 1:19]




1. A Working Faith is a Choosing Faith [v. 24-26, Deuteronomy 30:19, Josh. 24:15, 1 Kings 18:21]


2. A Working Faith is a Challenging Faith [v. 27]


3. A Working Faith is a Committed Faith [v. 28, 2 Timothy 4:7]


III. THE WATCHING FAITH [v. 23, 29, 30]


1. The Watching Faith is an Observant Faith [v. 23, 27]


2. The Watching Faith is an Objective Faith [v. 29, Ex. 14:31]


3. The Watching Faith is an Obedient Faith [v. 30]

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week ... Last Week, that is... (Oops)

Oh, then everybody ought each morning to say, "Bless God! Jesus may come today."
As we wake in the morning, our thoughts should be, "Before that sun goes down, I may see Jesus and my loved ones again!" When you go to bed at night and put your head upon your pillow, our thoughts should be, "It may be before morning there would be the glad sound of a trumpet and the dead in Christ shall rise and I will go up in the air to meet Jesus!" - John R. Rice

The Scofield Reference Bible is a good reference Bible, the best in the world, but on this matter it teaches that those seven churches in Asia to whom the letters are address in chapter 2 and 3 [of Revelation] picture the ages from Pentecost down to the coming of the Saviour. It doesn't. Second, the Bible does not say, so no one has a right to make a doctrine which is not clearly stated in the Bible. Third, that violates a very clearly expressed teaching of the Bible, that nobody knows when. You are not supposed to know. Those churches do not represent ages or church history. They were seven literal churches, and the messages given to them fitted them just then. The spiritual impact and lesson is for us, too, but not any date-setting. - John R. Rice
Are you looking forward to this blessed hope of Jesus' coming? It is going to be a glorious thing. Blessed for us who are saved. Not blessed for the ungodly, but for those who are saved.
Well, he [Paul] said, "Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of... Jesus Christ." Won't it be wonderful to see Him, the dear Saviour! I have talked about Him, preached about Him, written poems ...about Him, talked to Him in prayer all these years; but, my, it will be wonderful to see Him! I can imagine a smile on His face when He looks on us. He loves us. In my poor, frail knowledge I can imagine a little bit about Him, but it won't be anything like what He really is! Ah, far beyond what any of us can say- the glorious appearing of the Saviour! We ought to look for that, be glad about it. He is coming! It will be a glorious time. - John R. Rice
Christian, Jesus is coming. So you need to put the brakes on. You need to watch what you look at, watch what you read, watch what kind of people you run with. We need to take heed how our thoughts run, for Jesus is coming. The thought part is just as obvious to the Lord Jesus as the outward part. Since Jesus is coming, let us turn away from fleshly lusts and live soberly and righteously and godly in this present world. - John R. Rice
We Can Have Help Every Day to Live for God. "But Brother Rice, my situation is hard." It is hard for everybody. The god of this world is Satan. Sure, there are unsaved people around you, but you can live soberly, righteously, godly in this present world. The Lord says, "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." Christians can live right. - John R. Rice
We take the Bible to be the very inspired, inerrant Word of God as it expressly claims to be in terms that cannot be misunderstood. We believe it is the wholly reliable truth, without any mixture of error, in both the Old and New Testaments as given in the original Scriptures. - John R. Rice
The very words are from God in the original manuscripts. When God called a prophet, He promised, "I have put my words in thy mouth" (cf. 2 Sam. 23:2; Is. 51:16; Jer. 1:9; Ezek. 2:7). Then we must believe that God gave the very words, i.e., word for word or verbal inspiration. To sneer at that as "mechanical dictation" is the argument of the infidel. It is not mechanical, though it be dictation. - John R. Rice

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


My wife hates dumb blonde jokes. She is a natural blonde and one of the smartest people I know. I dedicate this story, someone sent me, to her.

A blonde walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer. She says she's going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000.

The bank officer says the bank will need some kind of security for
the loan, so the blonde hands over the keys to a new Mercedes Benz SL
500. The car is parked on the street in front of the bank. She has the
title, and everything checks out.

The bank agrees to accept the car as collateral for the loan. The bank's president and its officers all enjoy a good laugh at the blonde for using a $110,000 Benz as collateral against a $5,000 loan. An employee of the bank then proceeds to drive the Benz into the bank's underground garage and parks it there.

Two weeks later, the blonde returns. She repays the $5,000 and the interest, which comes to $15.41.

The loan officer says, "Miss, we are very happy to have had your business, and this transaction has worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and found that you are a multimillionaire. What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow $5,000?"

The blonde replies, "Where else in New York City can I park my car
for two weeks for only $15.41 and expect it to be there when I return?"

Monday, January 19, 2015



Pastor Rick Jackson




1. The Prophet’s Pronouncement [v. 1-10]


2. The Prophet’s Peril     [v. 11-16]


3. The Prophet’s Plea [v. 17-21]




1. He Abdicates his Responsibility [v. 1-6]


2. He Allows a Rescue [v. 7-13]


3. He Arranges a Response [v. 14-28]




1. The Flight of Royalty [v. 1-4]


2. The Fall of Rebels [v. 5]


3. The Faith of the Righteous [v. 6-18] the “times of the gentiles” has started – it’s end is  in Luke 21:24

Sunday, January 18, 2015


MARK 4:1-7


Pastor Rick Jackson




1. The Way Side – Satan & the Unsaved [v. 3-4, 10-15]


2. The Stony Ground – the Flesh & the Unsaved [v. 5-6, 16-17]


3. The Thorny Ground – the Saved & the World [v. 7, 18-19]


4. The Good Ground- the Saved and the Spirit [v. 8-9, 20]




1. Enemies of the Saviour [v. 14, Mt. 13:37-39]


2. Enemies of the Bible [v. 14-20]


3. Enemies of the Soul [v. 15-19, 1 Peter 5:8, 2 Corinthians 4:4]




1. Every Christian Should Produce Fruit [v. 19]


2. Not Every Christian Produces the Same Amount of Fruit [v. 19-20]


3. God Desires Fruit [v. 20-21, John 15:8, Philippians 4:17]