Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Quotes of the Week

The dateless Christ has bent the date lines of all nations around His manger cradle. - Robert G. Lee

Have you ever stopped to consider what life would be like had there been no first Christmas morn? Revelation would have been without a climax, prophecy without a fulfillment, humanity without an ideal, men without a Saviour, eternity without a hope, and they world without a song. - Herbert Lockyer

If Christ cannot save you and keep you, then God has no other way to save you and keep you. - Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Christ feeds those who are His own with His Word. The Bible is God’s bakery, and if you want bread, that is where you go to get it. - McGee

There's nothing wrong with God’s law, but there's a whole lot wrong with you & me; we're not able to measure up to its requirements. - JVM

The Lord Jesus comes out of eternity & moves into eternity. You can’t go beyond Him in the past & you can’t get ahead of Him in the future. - McGee

Doubting God’s Word is a serious sin. It is one of the worst because it leads to other sins. - Dr. McGee

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