Saturday, January 24, 2015

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does the Bible support slavery and racism?

Does the Bible support slavery and racism?


Doesn't the Bible Support Slavery?
Doesn't the Bible Support Slavery?
The issue of slavery usually conjures up thoughts of the harsh "race-based" slavery that was common by Europeans toward those of African descent in the latter few centuries. However, slavery has a much longer history and needs to be addressed biblically.
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Propaganda War Against the Ark!

Propaganda War Against the Ark!

Ken Ham believes some atheists are so obsessed with what AiG is doing that they search daily for whatever they can try to use to attack this ministry.

What About Bacteria?

What About Bacteria?

If God finished creation in six days and declared it "very good," where did disease-causing designs come from?

Ken Ham

Roe v. Wade and the Religion of Death

More than 50 million children have been murdered in their mother's wombs. I pray that we will weep before a holy God for those who chose death rather than life.

Danny Faulkner

Hugh Ross Is Right (Sort of) . . . The Debate Is Over

Contrary to what Ross claims, in the judgment of many prominent cosmologists the debate is over, and Hugh Ross lost.

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