Saturday, January 31, 2015


Jesus told a parable. A sower went forth to sow. Some seed fell by the wayside and the birds came and ate it. That seed didn't sprout. Then He said, "Some seed fell on stony ground and it could not get enough earth to get its roots started, and when the sun came out it withered." That seed was wasted; it didn't bring forth any fruit. Some seed fell among thorns, Jesus said. It springs up, but it't grow very well, and so doesn't bring any fruit to perfection.
Some people you get saved will not quit using tobacco. Some people you get saved will not start to win souls. Some people get saved and they don't even get baptized. That is too bad. That is a sin.
But wait! Jesus went on to say, "But some seed fell on good ground and brought forth, some thirty, some sixty, some an hundredfold." You cannot win everybody, but you can dead sure win somebody. - John R. Rice
They continued in prayer and in supplication. Prayer is asking; supplication is begging. - John R. Rice
(Eph. 6:1) When Joy was three years old she used to say, "Children, go 'bey your parents in the Lord." And then very triumphantly she would say, "For this is right! This is right!" And it is right! - John R. Rice
The Bible reader will be much interested to note that in the province of Galatia there was not one provincial church with branches in each city. No, they were "the churches of Galatia" -plural. Each local congregation was in itself a church. And there was no particular organic connection. There was no bishop over a group of churches. The local churches were not connected with a denomination. Each local congregation, an independent group of Christians, was a church.
We note, then, that the term does not mean a denomination. It does not mean a church building. It means a called-out assembly. Most times when used in the Bible it refers to a local congregation. - John R. Rice
"Brother Rice, you must not love your children if you whip them and make them do what you say, see that they get up when called the first time, and say, 'Yes. sir.'"
I loved my six girls enough so I didn't want one of them to be a harlot. I didn't want any of them to marry a drunkard, nor go to the dogs.
"Well, you can't tell how children will turn out," you say.
I can. I didn't leave mine for somebody else to turn out. By God's grace I helped turn mine out. - John R. Rice
Yet, though a Christian cannot lose his soul, never think that he has nothing to lose by sin! He can lose the joy of salvation, can lose his conscious daily fellowship with Christ. He can lose his influence, his happiness. Lukewarm Christians lose their joy, lose victory over sin, lose enjoyment of the Bible, lose the answers to their prayers, perhaps lose the souls they might win, and certainly lose much of the reward they might have had in Heaven. - John R. Rice
Of course, you feel that it is better to be a lukewarm Christian than to be a lost sinner going to Hell. And for YOU it is better. YOU had rather go to Heaven though by your indifferent living, your lukewarm heart, your pallid Christianity you sent a thousand others to Hell! And that is what many Christians really do. If you have truly trusted in Christ and so have been born again, you will go to ...Heaven. But if you are a lukewarm Christian, you thwart the Gospel and damn other souls. All some people ever will know of Christ is what they see in you. And what they see in you, many do not want. They see no victory over sin, no Christian joy, no sincere testimony. They see no evidence of a changed heart, no proof of the reality of Christ and salvation to the believer. The gospel as you live contradicts the gospel preachers preach. - John R. Rice
Lukewarm Christians are the alibi of sinners, the decoy ducks of Satan. Lukewarm Christians are double-crossers of Christ, spiritual adulterers who do more harm than good. - John R. Rice

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