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Romance and Sex: delicately discussed


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Romance and Sex: delicately discussed

From the writings of Sumner Wemp

Romance and Sex: delicately discussed

Love, Courtship, Romance and Sex is the title of my tape on marriage and the title for this series on marriage. Love leads to courtship, dating, and courtship leads to romance and romance leads to sex. Back in the 1960s a godly medical doctor with an MD degree and a Ph.D. degree, in marriage counseling heard my message on LCRS and said, "That is the best I have ever heard on marriage".

Three kinds of love

Agape love is God's love, unselfish love, Philos love is friendship love, you like someone and they like you, it is a mutual admiration society, Eros is physical love, mostly selfish love or desire, it is human love and includes sex.

Love: there are two vital facts to remember. "You LIKE someone when they make you happy and you LOVE someone when you make them happy."

Courtship, two facts to remember, women need and want ATTENTION and men need and want ADMIRATION.

Romance: there is a P.M. pre-marriage, before marriage side to romance and an A.M. after marriage side to romance, "Romance is the outward physical expressions of love apart from sex before marriage."

Two big time keys to happy marriages/Two things to know about Romance:

"Sight" and "Touch."

Men are aroused to the marriage side of romance by SIGHT and women are aroused by TOUCH.

God says to a man, "Not to look at a woman to lust after her" or you commit adultery in your heart Matt. 5:28. That is why women are told to "dress modestly"

1 Tim . 2:9. God says for a man not to "touch a woman" 1 Cor. 7:1. Men must keep their hands off of women other than their wives. More on this subject will come in future devotionals. Very important. Not understanding the above leads to a lot of problems in marriage and can even lead to divorce. Please share this with friends and family.

Stay with us for one of the biggest clues to miserable marriages and deadly divorce.

Prayer: Father, bless those who are married and courting that are reading this and help us all to understand our companions, meet their needs, and glorify God in our marriages and courtships. In Jesus name. Because Hs loves you, died for your sins, paid the debt in full and rose again. And I love you, pray for YOU and preach to you, all because of Calvary, sumner

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