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QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Is it time for a new Reformation?

Q: Is it time for a new Reformation?

A: Whether it’s liberalism, evolutionism, Gnosticism, Mormonism, Islam, New Age, moral issues (e.g., abortion and gay marriage), or the age of the earth, these are all ultimately battles over the same issue.

From the beginning, the battle was over the authority of the Word of God. The first woman, Eve, followed by her husband, Adam, gave in to the temptation not to take God at His Word. Instead, they relied on their human reason to determine truth.

Because Adam was the head of the human race, his rebellion plunged the entire human race into sin. All his descendants inherited a sin nature that refused to take God at His Word and instead made human reason their supreme authority.


Continue reading, as AiG President Ken Ham challenges the people of God to once again take a stand on the authority of Scripture.

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