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Question of the Week - Are you sleeping through the sermon?


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January 30, 2010

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Q: Are you sleeping through the sermon?

A: Let's face it—sometimes your family doesn't get much out of the Sunday sermon. But with a little work, dads can greatly improve the family's listening experience. Try these "hearing aids":
Get more sleep. The Sunday service is not for sleeping; the night before is. This requires planning, especially for young people, who like to use Saturday night as an opportunity to stay up as late as possible.
Sit closer. Almost without exception, the best listeners are in front. There are some valid reasons to be in the back, but it will usually impede your listening.
Minimize distractions. If you must, find a better place to sit. If your children are the problem, "divide and conquer" by asking a relative or friend to sit with you. And don't permit the Sunday shuffle to the restroom.
Use your Bibles. It is difficult to follow the pastor's line of thought without seeing the Bible text before you. Teach the family to read it, underline it, and insert marginal comments.

You can find these and more helpful suggestions in our article Hearing Aids for the Whole Family.

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