Saturday, January 16, 2010

QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Why are they leaving?‏

Q: Why are they leaving?
A: In our recently published book Already Gone, the research shows that many “20 somethings” have left the church because they question the truthfulness of the Bible, especially as it concerns the age of the earth. As children, they were typically taught Bible “stories” in church. They were shown bathtub-shaped arks overflowing with colorful animals but no mention of fossils, rock layers, and animal kinds.

Curriculum publishers, Sunday school teachers, and parents failed to connect the Bible to the real world. So, these children learned that you go to school to learn about history and science, and you go to church to learn moral “stories” and spiritual truths.

Sadly, many children are being taught in schools and some churches not to trust God’s Word in Genesis. This leads them to question the truthfulness of all of Scripture, and as young adults, most decide Christianity is irrelevant—and they leave the church.


What can we do about it? Continue reading to get answers.

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This information was provided by Answers In Genesis, an excellent source of material relating to Creation and evolution. Please visit their website using the link in the upper left.

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