Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be the Lover God intended you to be


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Be the Lover God intended you to be

From the writings of Sumner Wemp

Jan 20, 2010

Be the best lover


Husbands, please read this. I know your wife will. Be a man and read and apply this to yourself.
How to love your spouse

"Walk in the Spirit" Gal 5:16 so you can be filled with the "fruit of the Spirit," LOVE and love your spouse as God would have you love each other. Oh what JOY this brings to both of you when you live like God intended you to live. Anger, jealousy, bitterness, are things that make you miserable and are "the works of the flesh" Gal 5:19. Now live like you ought to and love each other.
Go back to dating, courting.

That is what keeps the spice, the glow, the glitter, the honey of the honeymoon in your marriage. That is what is important in life. Like you did to court her and convince her to want to marry you now do the same things to help her enjoy being married to you. Just as you fixed yourself up to look at pretty as you could to win him, keep it up. You are competing with a world of women who have no morals and couldn't care less about you and will do all they can to attract your husbands attention by the way they dress and act.
O you romantic man and woman

Understand God tells how romantic we should be in the home [Prov. 5]. Give yourselves to each other so that your physical love life will be the outcome of your romantic love life. Often times we cut short the romantic love life, the foreplay if you please, therefore dampening what ought to be the highest physical expression of love in the home. Keep holding hands, hugging, and kissing. These are great physical exercises that keep you fit and give you a healthy happy marriage.
"May you ever be captivated by her love" (that is talking about sex!) Prov. 5:19. The Bible instructs us to do this.
Father, bless this couple. Help them to humble themselves and admit if they have not been the husband or wife they should be. Fill this marriage with all the joy and fun they thought it was going to be. In Jesus' name.
God loves you, I love you, now love each other for Jesus and your sake. all because of Calvary, sumner

I pray that you be a light in this dark world by having a wonderful godly marriage.
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