Friday, January 15, 2010

May I remind you of some blessed truths in Proverbs about WISDOM?

May I remind you of some blessed truths in Proverbs about WISDOM? Thanks, I knew you would like it.

"WISDOM is more precious than rubies or silver or gold!" Prov. 3:13-14. Has this captured your thinking and evaluation of all you do?  So help me, it has mine and made an impact and a profound difference in all I do.

God says, "Get wisdom"  "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom." Pro 4:5,7.

HOW do you get wisdom? It is not out of schools, books, teachers etc though they can help. IT COMES FROM GOD.

"If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives liberally... James 2:5.
From two parables on prayer, you "keep on asking" [Lk. 11:5-10 and Lk 18:1-5] and if you want wisdom, ask EVERY DAY. It is NOT getting smarter, it is getting wiser. There is a vast difference. I have asked for wisdom EVERY DAY for years when I caught this. It works. It has made the difference in me ministering to 12,000 people in 120 nations every Mon, Wed and Fri. for 10 years. It can make the difference in you ministering to thousands instead of dozens or scores. To God be the glory and it will be.

Most "have not because you ask not (do not keep on asking)" James 4:2. You do not ask once in a lifetime or once a year but DAILY. Make  sense? Do it and see the vast difference it makes in you and your ministry for Jesus and eternity!

All Because of Calvary (ABC) C. Sumner Wemp


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