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Question of the Week: What's wrong with progressive creation?

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May 1, 2010

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Q: What's wrong with progressive creation?

New Answers Book 2A: One result of compromising with our evolutionary culture is the view of creation called the "day-age" theory or "progressive creation." This view, while not a new one, has received wide publicity in the past several years.
Much of this publicity is due to the publications and lectures of astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross—probably the world's leading progressive creationist.
Progressive creation teaches that the modern big-bang theory of the origin of the universe is true and has been proven by scientific inquiry and observation. For Hugh Ross and others like him, big-bang cosmology becomes the basis by which the Bible is interpreted. This includes belief that the universe and the earth are billions of years old.

Continue reading in chapter 12 of The New Answers Book 2, as the teachings of progressive creation are examined in light of Scripture and good science.

Weekly Quick Answer

Did the catastrophic impact of a large comet or asteroid cause the extinction of dinosaurs?
Supposedly, the impact sent a large dust cloud into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight from the earth and causing some species to die out. But despite its recent popularity, this theory has several problems. For example, some extremely light-sensitive species in the ocean did survive.
Also, although evolutionists claim the presence of iridium (a mineral found in asteroids and comets) as proof of the impact theory, there is actually too much iridium to fit this idea. Instead, what we observe is best explained by the massive Flood described in Genesis, which would have produced large amounts of iridium from volcanoes.
While pairs of every kind of dinosaur survived the Flood on board the Ark, it appears that their population never grew large in the new world. Like so many other kinds of animals, their small populations finally went extinct for a variety of reasons typical of many animals, including climate changes, diseases, decrease in food supply, and humans.
Want a more in-depth answer? Click here to read more.

News to Note Quick Look

Noah's Ark found—again!: Has Noah's Ark been found atop Mount Ararat? The affirmative claim this week from a team of evangelical explorers made headlines, but it isn't the first time that's happened. Read more.

1,000,000: Our Creation Museum may not rival the Smithsonian in terms of visitors, but we thank God for having reached a major milestone: over one million visitors in just under three years of operation! Read more.


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