Monday, May 10, 2010

Please pray right now


Subject: Please pray right now

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Celeste right now. She is just home from the hospitall and hurting. Ask God to comfort her and heal her. THANKS. I knew you would.

In the hospital a really big man brought her meal to her yesterday. I thanked him and gave him "A Ticket to Heaven." As I have heard a hundred times at least he said, "Thanks, I need that." My response is, "We all need it." I asked, "Do you know for sure you are going there." He replied, "I hope so." My pet response to that statement is, "suppose you ask me, Sumner are you married and I said, :"I hope so." As they always do, he caught it.

Then I gave him the gospel very quickly and a short version for he was at work. I said, "Bill, God loves you and sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to suffer and die for your sins and mine, for we are all in the same boat we have all done wrong, we have all sinned, haven't we?" They always say, "Yes". If you pay for your sins or I pay for mine we would be separated from God in hell forever, "for the wages of shin is death." But the good news is Jesus suffered and died for our sins, paid the debt in full, rose again and was seen alive by hundreds of people. No one of the so called Gods died for anyone's sins, rose again and was seen alive. The whole issue is did Jesus, who knew no sin, die and pay for your sins in full or didn't He." Bill said, I never heard it like that before, yes He did. God says to believe on the Lord Jesus as your savior and receive him as your savior. Could you do that right now?" Without hesitation, he said he would. We bowed our heads and he prayed out loud with me to receive the Lord Jesus. He looked up smiling from ear to ear and had assurance he was saved. Of course I gave him some follow up and he went back to work delivering meals.
Folks, "The harvest is plenteous BUT the laborers are few" A couple of things to remember. The Holy Spirit is the convictor, please don't try to do his work, just give the gospel several times.. In the gospel and all through Acts God emphasizes, "He was seen". In Galatians, God strongly states not to add to or take away any part of the gospel. I have found telling them "He was seen" really is powerful and opens their eyes of understanding. THEN do not tell them to "give their hearts or lives to Christ." They are not to give Him anything but receive Him, just as a man says."Yes, I take this woman to be my wife." Make sense.

Give a "Ticket to Heaven" to every person.
A lady was gloriously saved just reading the tract and told me all about it.
Order online or call 1-877-872-2871 to order my tract "Your Ticket to Heaven." Ask for Sales and tell them Sumner Wemp sent you. They will bill you - I get no proceeds from the sale.

Mark 16:15. "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

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