Saturday, May 15, 2010

Question of the Week: Can creationists be "real" scientists?

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May 15, 2010

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Q: Can creationists be "real" scientists?

A: Although evolutionists interpret the evidence in light of their belief in evolution, science works perfectly well without any connection to evolution. Think about it this way: is a belief in molecules-to-man evolution necessary to understand how planets orbit the sun, how telescopes operate, or how plants and animals function? Has any biological or medical research benefited from a belief in evolution? Not at all.
In fact, the PhD cell biologist (and creationist) Dr. David Menton has stated, "The fact is that though widely believed, evolution contributes nothing to our understanding of empirical science and thus plays no essential role in biomedical research or education."
The rise of technology is not due to a belief in evolution, either. Computers, cellular phones, and DVD players all operate based on the laws of physics, which God created. It is because God created a logical, orderly universe and gave us the ability to reason and to be creative that technology is possible.

Continue reading to see how science and technology are perfectly consistent with the Bible in chapter four of the New Answers Book 2.

Weekly Quick Answer

Didn't the Curse prevent overpopulation?
Since God knows the future, He knew Adam and Eve would sin. This explains why He already had a plan in place to redeem fallen man. Yet theoretically, if no original sin happened, the human population would have exploded and filled the earth. This is what God commanded: fill the earth, not overpopulate it.
If someone asked you to fill a glass of water for them, it is assumed that you will stop before the glass is overflowing. In the same way, God commanded mankind to populate until the earth was full, and then reproduction would cease.
So the answer is no, the curse would have been irrelevant to overpopulation in a perfect world.
Want a more in-depth answer? Click here to read more.

News to Note Quick Look

The Bible's "horrible hypothesis": According to one scientist, new research shows that the probability humans were uniquely created is 1 in 106000. How can such a specific figure be wrong? Read more.

Guided evolution: "Directed evolution" sounds like a page out of the theistic evolutionist's playbook. So what's it doing turning up in an MIT laboratory? Read more.


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