Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quotes of the Week

by Robert L. Sumner [from the book "Hebrews- Streams of Living Waters"]

Someone says, I thought He [Jesus] went to Hell and suffered an additional three days and three nights." Then you thought wrong. His testimony is that His vicarious atonement was completed on the cross, finished forever. We will not quote them again here, but go back and reread Hebrews 9, especially verses 25, 26 and 28. Our Lord will not offer up Himself again. Nor can anyone else offer Him. - Robert L. Sumner

It is either a "once-for-all" salvation or a "not-at-all" salvation. There is no middle ground. - Robert L. Sumner

But He is a God of love only as far as His justice, holiness, and righteousness will permit! His justice never contradicts His love and His love is in perfect harmony with his justice. If your doctrine makes them oppose one another, your theology is out of sync with Scripture.  - Robert L. Sumner

Almighty God has promised judgment and threatened eternal punishment for all Christ-rejecters. To break His word would be sin and God cannot sin.  - Robert L. Sumner

Abel was also the first of the human family to experience physical death- and it was through murder! He suffered death because of another's sin, the transgression of his elder brother Cain, who, in a fit of rage, killed him in cold blood. At the same time, thanks to faith in the sin-offering, he overcame death. The first man to descend into the Valley of the Shadow of Death was the first one to triumphantly march straight through it into the Paradise of Glory. He stepped from the excruciating pain of mortal manslaughter's hate into the exquisite land of eternal delights prepared by the Father's love! He led the way, like a pioneer, for all subsequent generations of men and women of faith throughout human history.  - Robert L. Sumner

One cannot walk very close to God when he is holding hands with the Devil, obviously. - Robert L. Sumner

God will judge those who treat lightly their marriage vows, or who engage in other forms of sexual impurity, saying: "whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." There is no such thing as "safe immorality," known erroneously today as "safe sex." It doesn't work. - Robert L. Sumner

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