Friday, October 09, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Someone may say, "In the olden days women were the slaves of men." You have listened to this women's lib movement and some other tommyrot. Down through the years good women and good men have always found a need for each other, a joy in each other, comfort in each other. They complement each other. They help each other. They stand together. That is the way God intended it to be. - John R. Rice

I am glad to crown these princesses and this Queen tonight [at a women's jubilee]. But every woman here is a queen to somebody if you are what you ought to be.
My brother, Dr. Bill, always called Cathy "The Princess." Every woman. to some man, can be a princess. - John R. Rice

God's ways are good ways. And if you think you have thought up some real bright way to have your own way, you are a rebel, you are not a good Christian, and you are not going to be happy. - John R. Rice

"But, Brother Rice, I saw in a poll in a magazine that about half the women said they were sorry now, and if they had to do it over, they wouldn't have any children." To turn out the kind of brats like they would raise, I wouldn't want them either. But you don't have to raise that kind. You can discipline them. There has never been a time at our house when we were so glad for school to start to get our girls from under foot. We never did wish for summer so our kids could go off to camp somewhere and get away. No sir. I wished then, as I do now, that I could keep all six around me all the time. The truth is, they make me happy. They love the Lord. They win souls. They sing Gospel songs. They all married Christian men who are in full-time Christian service. - John R. Rice

I remember the first girl God gave me. I had ordered a boy but they were out of boys. I wanted a boy to be a football quarterback. I played college football, and I coached football in Wayland College. I wanted a boy to be a football quarterback, then an evangelist. But they were short of boys, so they sent me a girl- Mrs. Grace MacMullen, the emcee here [at a Women's Jubilee]. I didn't know when they put that little one in my arms, 6 3/4 pounds of weight, the responsibility it carried. I thought, Here is a little body to feed and a mind to train. O God, an immortal soul for Heaven or Hell. And I must answer to God for her. I got to be a grown man that day; I wasn't a kid any longer. - John R. Rice

'Tis a grand reason given here---why Christians should be moderate, gentle, not fiercely resenting, not sadly despairing, not even divided between hope and worry. "Let you moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand." We are to be moderate Christians, temperate, gentle Christians, unworried, unfretted, unvexed Christians. And this is the reason: "The Lord is at hand!! - John R. Rice

Worry is the mark of a poor Christian. - John R. Rice

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