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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Did Life Come from Outer Space?


Did Life Come from Outer Space?


Did Life Come from Outer Space?
Did Life Come from Outer Space?
The simple answer is NO! The Bible states that God created all living things on Earth by His spoken word on Days Three, Five, and Six of the Creation Week. However, the concept that life originated in outer space and was then transferred to Earth is popular in today's society.

Could life exist on other planets? Why do scientists want to push the origin of life into outer space?
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Top 15 Illustration Problems in Genesis 1–11

Top 15 Illustration Problems in Genesis 1–11

We want people to realize the Bible is true right from the start, so it is good to avoid mistakes in some of the artwork depicting the events of Genesis 1–11.

Hiding Their True Colors

Hiding Their True Colors

The rich and vibrant greens of the forest canopy delight our eyes. But did you know that these leaves are hiding something they won't reveal until fall?

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Aliens on Other Planets? They're at the Creation Museum

Although there are no aliens, we are not actually alone in the universe.

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Shooting an Adventure in Paradise . . .

We all love the ocean, so we were passionate to dive right into shooting our time in the amazing Raja Ampat Islands!

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Did Life Come from Outer Space?
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