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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is Abortion a Form of Child Sacrifice?

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Is Abortion a Form of Child Sacrifice?

Abortion and Child Sacrifice
Abortion and Child Sacrifice
Ken Ham writes, "If people today were found sacrificing children, as the Canaanites and others did in the Old Testament, I'm sure the public and its elected officials like President Obama would be aghast. Such people would be prosecuted for brutality and murder.

"It is my contention that in essence abortion is another form of child sacrifice! But because killing children in the womb has been legalized in the US, President Obama and many other pro-abortionists condone this brutality and murder!"
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The "Donald Trump Phenomenon"

The reaction to businessman Donald Trump's candidacy can be instructive as it relates to ministries like Answers in Genesis.

New Testament Scholar Says Creationists Are Honest But Not Truthful

New Testament Scholar Says Creationists Are Honest But Not Truthful

It does not seem Dr. Ben Witherington has ever seriously taken the time to interact with material that answers his objections concerning biblical creation.

Ken Ham

Date to Be Announced for the Opening of the Life-Size Ark

November 12, Answers in Genesis will be announcing the 2016 date for the opening of the life-size Ark that is under construction in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Wild Brothers

Embracing the Culture with Discernment

Without knowing or understanding the culture of the people around us, we stuck out like a sore thumb.

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