Friday, October 02, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Anybody who curses is a sorry, dirty-minded old sinner. - John R. Rice

If anyone here is a profane swearer, if you take God's name in vain, I wish you would realize that out of the abundance of a rotten sewer of a heart wrong with God come these words. And you sure need a new heart! If there be here a profane swearer, one who takes God's name in vain, in God's name repent of it and confess your sins to God and get forgiveness! That is a sin directly against God. - John R. Rice

Another sin directly against God is that you ignore His Word and do not love the Bible. I am sorry for a man who does not love the Bible. - John R. Rice

A man is awfully ignorant who does not read the Bible. - John R. Rice

I am interested in books. But there are no books like the Bible. There are no books in the neighborhood of it. As different as the sun is different from the earth is this Book from other books. Almighty God wrote a Book and you don't read it. You despise it. It is full of warnings---you do not heed them. It is full of promises---you do not believe them. It is full of offers and invitations---you spurn them. What a sin for a man not to love the Bible and read the Bible! - John R. Rice

There is only one kind of sin an angel is likely to commit---rebellion.
Angels did sin. Satan, himself an archangel, fell. He wanted to be boss. He said, "I am going to be as good as God," and so lifted himself above God. So rebellion is the sin an angel might commit. Angels are not going to get drunk. Angels are not going to out and steal. An angel is not going to commit sex sin. But an angel is tempted about rebellion. - John R. Rice

But a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. They are not the same, so they ought not dress alike and ought not act alike. God has a place for each of them.
I say, a man can't be a woman, and he ought not want to be. And a woman can't be a man, and she ought not want to be. - John R. Rice

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