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Question of the Week: Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?

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Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?

Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?
Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?
Some people have reported more than just sightings of flying saucers, but have gone further to say that they have had direct interaction with aliens. Some of these reports merely are communication with aliens, while others involve being taken aboard spaceships.

We cannot attribute these sorts of claims to misidentifications, so what are we to make of many of these claims of alien abductions?
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Alien Invasion at the Creation Museum
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Lessons from Back to the Future

Those who hold to the big bang argue that biblical creation is wrong because of this "time travel" problem, but that argument is self-refuting!
Hawaii's Volcanic Origins—Instant Paradise

Hawaii's Volcanic Origins—Instant Paradise

The biblical worldview changes how you see everything, even a "paradise" like Hawaii.
Ken Ham

Dawkins' Mind Is Closed

Richard Dawkins reminds me of the Pharisees in John 9. Even with the evidence glaring at them—they refused to believe.
Ark Encounter

Young Talent

No doubt Travis has brought many talents and a great knowledge to the table.
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