Monday, December 20, 2010

The Way People (Don't) Think

I was at a gas station just the other day and the vehicle in front of me had two contradictory bumper stickers on it.

One said, "Co-exist". You know which one I mean? The preachy one where all the letters are made to resemble the symbols of the various world religions. The idea is, "We (or you) are all worshipping the same God so we should co-exist. Sounds good right? Not necessarily.

In the first place we all already coexist. I'm here, you're here- we are coexisting. Hitler coexisted with Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill- not peaceably mind you, but they all existed at the same time- hence, they coexisted.

Now perhaps the bumper sticker meant that all "religions" should co-exist peacefully. That is basically impossible. I don't mean that all religions should arm their adherents with guns and shoot anyone not of their persuasion but the very basis of their beliefs preclude they cannot agree theologically speaking. Nor should they.

Truth has never been able to coexist peacefully with error, falsehood and lies. To do so Truth would cease to be truth. The nature of truth is to be free from falsehood. Darkness and light cannot coexist, truth and untruths cannot coexist, what concord hath Christ with Belial?

"Oh no," someone is thinking about now, "He quoted from the Bible. He is intolerant." No more intolerant than those who are against me quoting from the Bible. It is amazing how intolerant the "tolerance" crowd really is toward true Bible Christianity.

When I was in high school a friend and I were discussing the need of the United States having a military. She was of the opinion that the United States should disband all their military and the U.S.S.R. would then do the same. I opined that if the U. S. was to do that it would not be long before we were learning to speak Russian. She responded that violence is never the answer and I countered that sometimes you must violently defend yourself or others. The argument went back and forth until in frustration this young lady reared back and said forcefully, "Violence is NEVER the answer!" while she struck her fist solidly and forcefully on my chest!

Yes, you read that right, the peaceful, "violence is never the answer" girl hit me! It was not to accentuate her point, she had merely lost control of the argument, her position and herself. I blinked several times, looked down at my chest and back at her and gave the satisfied grin of one who knows he just won the argument. And though I did not respond in violence we both realized that point was made- being able to defend yourself against physical assault is a necessity to a nation as well as to an individual.

Whilst I certainly do not think we should start a Christian holy war against those who disagree with us I do believe we should stand up for what we believe and the right to express it as given in our constitution. Freedom of religion not freedom from religion. Strangely enough the crowd that strives to strike fear in peoples hearts claiming we wish to establish a theocracy [which is patently false] they ignore the fact that others wish to do that very thing, have said so publicly and often, and shown it by their actions [remember 9-11?]. The Obamanation continues...

This same car had another bumper sticker on it that called for the use of coal to stop completely. Coal can be used cleanly now but they didn't ask for that- they wanted it stopped now and forever! Makes one wonder why they cannot coexist with the pro-coal crowd.

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