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Friday, December 08, 2006
ROMANS 14:1-12

Rick Jackson

There was an interesting letter on the editorial page of the Bradford County Telegraph last year (12-1-05). A lady, whom to my knowledge I do not know, wrote,

The following is "Just My Opinion" but I would like to know - "What do you think, are you willing to change?"

My answer is “no”. I am not willing to change because of someone’s opinion. I am willing to conform to the Word of God. Romans 3:4

What is wrong with Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus on his "real" birthday? Why don't Christians just let the world have their "Happy Holidays" their "Santa Clauses," their lighted trees and all the other traditions" that go with Dec. 25? Guys, believe it or not, this is not the day Jesus was born and I can tell you exactly when it was.

It will take a major portion of this sermon to discount this statement But let’s see how her opinion continued.

It was Tishri 15 (that is a Jewish feast day, their New Year or Rosh Hashanah). Jesus fulfilled every one of the Jewish Feast Days. On the exact days those feast happened, in the time of Jesus, those feast were fulfilled. The only feast left to fulfill is the Feast of Trumpets, and that is the Rapture.

There is not one hint in the Scriptures that Jesus was born on Rosh Hashanah. There would have been a lot of Jewish rituals going on during that time and none is indicated by either Luke or Matthew. Matthew’s silence is deafening since his purpose was to present Christ as the King of the Jews and this would certainly have bolstered that claim.

Now, do you understand why the Shepherds were out watching their sheep by night? It was not cold weather in September.

Dr. Mark Cambron, respected Bible scholar had heard this unsubstantiated claim that it is too cold for the sheep in December. We must remember Israel is not North Dakota or even Ohio. Dr. Cambron was at the shepherds’ field in Bethlehem one Christmas eve and noticed there were shepherds present. He asked them, “Why are sheep here and not in folds. Isn’t it too cold?” They replied, “This is when the grass grows best, so we graze here!” Then he noticed the grass was indeed thick and over knee high. Hearsay destroyed by eyewitnesses!

If Christians go to the "real" birth of Jesus and celebrate it, then all those people who are fighting over not having "their" symbols displayed, or the ACLU fighting to eliminate every thing religious, would perhaps stop. No other religion will be allowed to put up their symbol on our special day.It doesn't belong to them, it belongs to the Christians.

That’s a rather na├»ve view isn’t it? II Th. 1:4, II Tm. 3:11-12

See, right now, they are telling us that Dec. 25 does not belong to Christians, it belongs to those who worship Santa Clause. And you know what? They are right. Separating the two times of the year, would also help teach your child the truth about Jesus, especially if you are a Christian.

I never had a problem teaching my kids the truth about Jesus or Santa. Dt. 6:4-7, Eph. 6:4

See, here is the Christians problem (as I see it). We have put our Lord and Saviors birth right up there with "pagan" beliefs.

Actually Satan constantly tries to get people to believe his lie rather than God’s truth. Jn. 8:44

Does God approve of this? Does God back us in our efforts to keep Jesus as our symbol for this paganism day of worship?

Does she really believe we shouldn’t worship Jesus on any day someone else has set aside for paganism? I worship Jesus on Dec. 25th, July 4th, October 31st and every other day of the year!
Jn. 4:24, Rm. 14:5

Now, if you want to support Santa Clause and all that goes with it, I see no problem with that, but just remember - this is not the birth of Jesus. Don't let the attributes of Santa Clause become the same as Jesus' attributes.

Which is it? Does she have a problem with it or does she not? I personally have a problem with it. Is. 42:8, I Cor. 2:8, Ps. 24

Separating of the two times, will put a stop to this.

No. It won’t. Why would it?

The Jewish celebration on or near Dec. 25, called Hanukkah (celebration of lights) has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. Now, I know this is not pagan; this is a true event for them, the Jews. But it is still not Christmas.

Celebrating God’s light is closer to Christmas than Rosh Hashanah. Jn. 1:1-5, 9-12, 8:12, 9:5

Here is my second problem I see with the Christian community. They are not willing to make any changes, even if it is making a change for the "truth."

Her truth or God’s truth? She hasn’t proved anything. “My problem” “Christian community” Who’s that?

They would rather sit right where they are and let the ACLU and all the other religions of the world dictate to us, about the birth of our Savior; and send money to organizations to fight to keep Dec. 25 for Jesus.

I haven’t sent anyone any money. But if I did it would be to preserve our right to celebrate Christmas in a Christ honoring fashion.

If this world's system eventually gets to the point where there is no "Merry Christmas" and it all becomes "Happy Holidays," guys, don't panic, just remember: It isn't the birth of Jesus any way. Just my opinion.

The last three words are the truest thing she has said in her whole letter. The rest reminds me of the Texas longhorn… a point here and a point there and a lot of bull in-between So can we pinpoint Christmas to December at least. Let’s see.

Bible fact # 1 In I Chr. 24:1-19 David organized the priests for the Temple. There were 24 orders for the 12 months, two orders per month (v. 18-19). Note in the fourth month, the latter part of the month is the order of Abijah (v. 10).

Bible fact # 2 In Ex. 12:2, 13:4 God says the month Nisan is the first month of the Jewish calendar. Nisan falls in our Mar. /Apr. which puts the order of Abijah in our July.

Bible Fact # 3 Zechariah was serving in July. (Lk. 1:5-7) Not yet 50 but advanced in years (people age differently, in US pioneer days the average lifespan was 35). Luke 1:8-23. He went home in August and John the Baptist was conceived in August or September (1:24). Her first month would be Sept. or Oct. Her 6th month would be Feb.-March. (1:26-36 Mary conceived in Elisabeth’s 6th month so her first month would be March-April. Count it out. April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., December.

Late December is when the shepherds are out in their fields to watch their sheep by night. The night the angels came. Luke 2:8-15. The night, Christ was born. I for one am not going to let the Devil steal my Christmas.

1. Worship in Spirit and truth Jn. 4:24

2. Be fully persuaded in your own mind. Rm. 14:5-6

3. Whatever ye do, do it unto the Lord Col. 3:17-25

ROM. 14:5

Rick Jackson

Last week we saw in the Bible that Jesus WAS born in late December, maybe even Dec. 25th! This week we look at a few other criticisms of Christmas. Had they put as much work into studying the matter out as they do criticizing they would know the answers themselves. It seems the only exercise they get is jumping to conclusions. Let’s examine some of their complaints and answer them with more Christmas facts!


1. Jeremiah is not talking about Christmas trees [Jer. 10:5-15] He is referring to wooden idols, carved by men, overlaid with gold, etc.

2. Christmas trees are actually Christian.

John R. Rice recounts the origin of the Christmas tree.

In the 8th century a missionary named Boniface went to Germany to preach Christ. The Germanic tribes worshipped the oak tree as a symbol of deity. Boniface told them it was a poor symbol for God since it sheds its leaves and appears dead in winter. He told them the tree that should remind them of God was the evergreen. Always green and thriving.

Christmas trees became popular in England primarily through the influence of the German-born, Prince Albert, husband of England’s Queen Victoria. In America the trees were introduced by German immigrants in Pennsylvania.

3. The tree reminds me of Calvary [Gal. 6:14, I Pt. 2:24]

4. The light on top reminds me of Jesus. [Jn. 8:12, 9:5, I Jn. 1:5]

5. The other lights remind me of Jesus’ word [Mt. 5:14]

II. Critics say giving gifts has become too commercialized.

It can be but need not be. [II Cor. 9:15, Jn. 3:16, Rm. 6:23, 12:6, Acts 3:6 ]

What are we doing to aid the critics? What are we doing to silence them?

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