Friday, June 10, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

We do wrong to temporize, to believe the excuses of lost sinners, to think that men are well-meaning and honest when they reject the Saviour. They are not. There is no good reason for rejecting Jesus Christ but only wicked reasons, sinful reasons. - John R. Rice

The man who runs with the Devil's crowd will criticize God's faithful men who do not compromise. The Christian who runs with modernists will attack fundamentalists. - John R. Rice

It is always a bad business which puts a compromising Christian on the opposite side of the most faithful preachers, the most faithful prophets of God. - John R. Rice

A man cannot compromise with modernists and yoke up with wicked men without trying to rationalize his actions by attacking the men who stand true. - John R. Rice

Moses may have thought, when he gave way to his impatience and anger and smote the rock instead of speaking to it as God had commanded, that he had gotten by. The water gushed out. The people and their cattle had plenty to drink. Moses retained his place of leadership. But Moses later was kept out of the land of Canaan. Chickens come home to roost. People reap what they sow. Even God's children cannot get by with sin. - John R. Rice

The cause of Christ suffers when Christians compromise. It is not always immediately apparent, but it is always true. To make partners and yokefellows and sponsors out of people who do not believe the Bible, who do not hold the historic Christian faith and are thus the enemies of Christ and the Bible, I say that compromise always does great harm to the cause of Christ. So it was with Jehoshaphat and so it is today. - John R. Rice 

But a good man, with a sincere heart, who does wrong usually deceives himself and makes some excuses; not good reasons, not the real reasons, but plausible excuses which he himself believes or tries to believe. - John R. Rice

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