Friday, June 03, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Good Christians like to hear about sinners being saved. - John R. Rice

Now, dear friend, you can win souls. Remember the blessed promise of Psalm 126:6, "He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." If you go, and weep, and use the blessed Word of God, you can come back with sheaves. You can't win everybody but you can win somebody.
May God help you do it! - John R. Rice

Let me say that I feel every preacher has some obligation always to be courteous, always to be sympathetic and kind and helpful wherever he is invited to speak. But long ago I resolved that whether I was invited to speak before a Chamber of Commerce or a Rotary Club or a funeral or a wedding or a high school commencement, I would preach about Christ and make plain the plan of salvation. And so many, many times at funerals I have seen sinners come to Christ and be saved. - John R. Rice

No doubt, there are countless thousands of children in godly homes who could be won, but the parents foolishly, and I think sinfully, neglect to press the matter and urge them to be saved now! - John R. Rice

It has been my great joy through the years to win hundreds of Catholics to Christ. If through the haze of superstition, tradition, false teaching, and ritual, a Catholic comes to know and trust in Christ as his own Saviour, he is saved, though he be a Catholic. But I am convinced that most Catholics, through their prayers to Mary, their confessions to a priest, their attendance at mass, their doing penance, fail to see that they may trust Christ in person and have eternal life. I am sadly convinced that most Catholics are not born again. - John R. Rice

In dealing with Catholics one need not argue, especially about what is wrong with the Roman church. One simply needs to deal with Catholics as part of the human race, of which all are sinners - all need to be born again, all must die and meet God. And they need to be told that Jesus Christ died for them and that one may trust in Christ and have forgiveness and salvation and know it on the authority of God's Word. - John R. Rice

I think that a child who hears only Christian songs, who goes to preaching services (not just to children's church) in revival campaigns and has family worship at the breakfast table every day, would come to be conscious of her sinfulness and her need of the Saviour earlier than one who did not have all these influences to turn he heart to Christ. - John R. Rice

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