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Question of the Week: Shocking Planned Parenthood Videos—How Should Christians Respond?

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Shocking Planned Parenthood Videos—How Should Christians Respond?


Image of God
Abortion Murders a Baby
Many across America were shocked and revolted when investigative journalists with the Center for Medical Progress released the first in a series of videos featuring Planned Parenthood executives and employees describing how they sell aborted baby body parts.

These nauseating and heartless videos highlight something that the pro-life community has been saying for years—abortion murders a baby. By harvesting and selling organs, tissues, or even whole bodies of aborted babies for research about human beings, Planned Parenthood officials are acknowledging the humanness of the babies that they are killing.
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What Is the Image of God?

What Is the Image of God?

A functional view of the image of God based on evolutionary presuppositions will ultimately have an impact on how one understands sin and salvation.

How Did We Get Our Teeth?

How Did We Get Our Teeth?

Evolutionists say scales and teeth share evolutionary history but wonder, "Which evolved first?" However, God created scales and teeth at the same time.

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We provide resources specially geared toward kids, like our popular children's rhyming books. A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, and N is for Noah.

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Deaf Presenter at Creation Museum

We are so excited to have Calvin come and present our message in his heart language, which is the heart language of most of our Deaf Day audience, ASL.

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