Friday, August 14, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

And in Christianity it is back to Jesus Christ, the blood, the infallible Bible, and "I will follow it if I lose every friend in the world, and have to break with everybody." I would rather shake the hand and call "brother" any Catholic priest who loves Jesus Christ and believes the Bible than to shake hands with a Baptist who does not believe the Bible. - John R. Rice

One may be wrong on lesser matters of doctrine and be saved. Jesus said that certain matters are "weightier matters of the law" (Matt. 23:23). One may be mistaught about baptism, about some Christian duties, about the Lord's Supper, about the pattern for a New Testament church and still be a born-again Christian. One may be saved by faith in Christ as Saviour and not realize this salvation is guaranteed to be eternal. But one who does not believe what the Bible says about Christ's death for our sins and His absolute deity, is not saved. Christians believe the Bible whether they understand it or not. Christians believe Jesus is all He claims to be in the Bible- the virgin-born, unique Son of God, who died for our sins. - John R. Rice

Jesus said of these "false prophets" in Matthew 7:15, 16, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." Their fruit is their teaching. If one teaches or writes against the virgin birth of Christ of His bodily resurrection or the blood atonement, then he does not believe in the deity of Christ and is a false prophet, an unconverted infidel. If he denies the inspiration of the Bible, the need for men to be born again, then he is against the faith, is not a Christian. If one transgresses on this matter and does not abide in the Bible doctrine about Christ, he "hath not God," says II John, verse 9; he is not saved, must not be counted a Christian nor given support or Christian recognition, says the Scripture. - John R. Rice

The folly of religious liberalism is that it sets man to judge the Scriptures instead of being judged by the infallibly inspired Bible themselves. They are of this world's wisdom, not of divine wisdom. - John R. Rice

One is a poor Christian who is not insulted when Christ's deity is questioned or when the infallible authority of the Bible is questioned. Contend earnestly, we are commanded. Defend the Bible and Christ. - John R. Rice

You are not to be in the unequal yoke of membership in a local church or denomination whose official stand is wrong on the essentials of the faith, such as the new Presbyterian Confession of Faith or the new curriculum prepared for the United Church of Canada. To have your name and presence thus putting your tacit approval on infidelity, thus encouraging others to support it, is to be responsible before God for ruin and eternal damnation of some. Thus you are "partaker of evil deeds" who deny Christ and the Bible.
So it is with the preacher who stays in a mistrial association which has Catholic priests or rabbis or modernists in it, thus indicating that he regards them as Christian brothers, when they are actually unsaved. One may have fellowship with born-again Christians who differ on lesser matters, but one who denies some essential of the Christian faith is not a Christian, should not be thus endorsed as a Christian. - John R. Rice

No one has a right to talk for Christ in testimony meeting and then talk against Christ and the Bible with his money. "Put your money where your mouth is!" Live like you talk! - John R. Rice

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