Friday, August 07, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Now Karl Marx's idea- and the New deal idea in America that gifts and taxes and inheritance taxes should take all that a man has earned away from him and his heirs to buy votes with from the common people who want a free ride, and will be glad to vote for a man that will give them more- is wrong. I say, that idea is not of God. It was Karl Marx's idea, which he got from the Devil. The Bible is for inheritance and passing on property to sons. - John R. Rice

No one gets something for nothing. Somebody always has to pay. And crooked politicians who buy votes by giving people what they do not earn, after taking it away from others who do earn it, are doing no favors to America. - John R. Rice

Listen to me! Don't put a modernist in with Christians. Put him with infidels. The man who does not believe that the Bible is true, who does not believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, who believes that the Bible is a book of myths and legends as well as some good things, and who does not believe in the atoning blood- that man is not a Christian but is an infidel! He is an unbeliever! - John R. Rice

We need to say, "It is the Bible and Christ, or nothing." Somebody may say, "It is the Baptist denomination or nothing." But you are wrong, brother, sister. One will soon go into modernism unless he believes in Christ and the Bible, come Hell or high water- Christ and the Bible wherever He leads, whatever it teaches! - John R. Rice

Somebody wrote about me, "Brother John Rice used to be such a sound Baptist but now he is for so-and-so." Sound Baptist? Maybe so, maybe not. But I've always been for Christ and the Bible, the blood atonement, the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection, Heaven and Hell. If God said it, it is so. I dare you to find any time I have wavered on that. - John R. Rice

You say, "But my friends!" Friendship isn't first. It is Christ and the Bible first. You say, "It is the program." Not the program first! Christ and the Bible. "But I'll lose friends!" Well, lose them. - John R. Rice

America is doomed unless we say, "I will stand for Christ and the Bible, friendship or no friendship; Democratic party or no party; whether the people lead or don't lead; whether it pays or doesn't pay; whether I get cheaper electricity or not, I will stand for Christ and the Bible." We had better get back to the American way of life, private ownership of property, paying honest debts, receiving what we deserve, paying what we owe. That is the American way. - John R. Rice

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