Saturday, August 29, 2015

Question of the Week: In Reaching Muslims- what Cultural Mistakes should be Avoided?

Reaching Muslims: 9 Cultural Mistakes to Avoid


Reaching Muslims
Christians should love, not fear, Muslims. If you look under the surface, you'll see just how hopeless their religion leaves them. By faithfully sharing God's grace as revealed in His Word, you can watch the light of Christ's salvation break into their darkened hearts.
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Are Human Hands More Primitive Than Chimps?

Are Human Hands More Primitive Than Chimps'?

Human hands differ markedly from those of long-fingered monkeys and arboreal apes like chimpanzees and orangutans. Did one evolve first?

Ken Ham Releases Eye-Opening Ready to Return Book

Ken Ham Releases Eye-Opening Ready to Return Book

Ken Ham shares more revealing statistics—this time focusing on the state of the 20s generation inside the Church.

Ken Ham

1/5 of the Ark Taking Shape

The timber frame section represents about 1/5 of the Ark itself—the other 4/5 will go up very quickly over the next two months.

Answers Internatoinal

Blessed By the Work of Our Partners in Peru

We are grateful for the unprecedented growth of the ministry of Answers in Genesis in Latin America.

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