Friday, August 21, 2015

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Must one leave friends of a lifetime for Christ? Yes, very often. Must one give up a Sunday school class in a modernistic church when he teaches them the Bible? Yes, or really you are teaching them to stay where it is wrong to stay, to attend liberal colleges it is wrong to attend, to study literature that is against Christ, to follow preachers who are false prophets and who will break down their faith. Yes, the Bible says, "Come out from among them."
Do you love Christ and His Word more than your denomination, more than your false leaders? - John R. Rice

Here is a strange truth. God has Christian preachers out working, but others who pretend to be preachers of the Gospel are apostles of Satan [2 Cor. 11:13-15]. It is no great wonder that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light. You can't afford to listen to every man who says he is a preacher or a Christian. Instead, he may be sowing the tares of the Devil. - John R. Rice

In Matthew, chapter 13, Jesus spoke a number of parables. Why did He speak in parables? He said to them that sometimes he talked in no way except in parables, lest anybody without a heart for it would believe and be converted. He spoke in parables because, He said, "Who hath ears to hear, let him hear." You see, God is not under obligation to give the truth to people who do not intend to do right anyway. God leaves it so that if a man wants to be an infidel and love his sin, he can make lying excuses about it. Here is a parable, but anybody who has a heart to learn, can learn, and God will talk to your heart. - John R. Rice

Don't be surprised that this world that crucified Jesus is going to be against the Christian who is red hot. If you are enough like Jesus, those who hated Jesus are not going to like you too well, either. - John R. Rice

This Bible says "all scripture." We say plenary, verbal inspiration. Plenary means complete- all of it. Verbal means the very words. Now we are talking about plenary inspiration- complete inspiration of all the Bible in the original writing. - John R. Rice

If there is no Hell, the Bible is a lie, Christianity is a fake, and anybody would be a fool to take it at face value. If the Bible is true- and it is- there is an eternal Hell of punishment for Christ-rejecting sinners, and an awful, awful eternity ahead. - John R. Rice

Somebody may say, "I don't believe it is right for God to send people to Hell forever." Well, who are you to set yourself up to judge God? I don't know any reason why you would be wiser than a holy God. I don't know how you could love sinners more than God, who gave His only Son to die and pay for man's sin, and so give men a way of salvation. I don't have any patience with the blunted mind and the dumb, foolish ideas of anybody who doesn't believe in eternal Hell. If you don't believe in eternal Hell, you don't believe what the Bible says. - John R. Rice

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