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A Question of the Week: Why build an Ark?

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September 24, 2011

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Q: Why build an Ark?

A: With the announcement of the Ark Encounter several months ago, Answers in Genesis received numerous letters questioning our next major project. These are some of the common objections:
  • Why spend so much on an Ark when starving children could be fed in third-world countries?
  • Why not give the money to a Christian school?
  • Why not spend the money on looking for the Ark?
  • Why not give the money to other ministries?
Certainly some of these are sincere questions and should be addressed. Why not give to the poor? Well, we encourage people to share with those in need, and many Answers in Genesis employees and supporters do. But if Christians give to the poor, would that negate the need for other giving?
When people say the money donated for the full-size Noah's Ark should be spent instead on feeding the poor or giving to another cause, they are essentially arguing that no money should be given to building the Ark Encounter.
However, we can't think of a more effective way to share the gospel with many millions of people today than by using an Ark.

Continue reading to see how the Ark Encounter fulfils the great commission and is desparately needed in today's world.

News to Note Quick Look

Fuzzy fossils: Both dinosaur and bird feathers revealing the stages of feather evolution have been found in Canadian amber, according to a report published in Science. Paleontology graduate student Ryan McKellar surveyed 4000 pieces of amber and found eleven with feathery, hairy, or fuzzy inclusions. Read more.

Dark matter's shadow: Current big bang cosmology may be in for an overhaul, of sorts, suggests cosmologist Carlos Frenk. Speaking at the British Science Festival, Frenk revealed that the Virgo Consortium's computer simulations of the formation of dwarf galaxies don't match up with observable facts. Read more.


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