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Question of the Week: Is America under divine Judgment?

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September 3, 2011

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Q: Is America under divine judgment?

Ken Ham answers: Well, it's a question I've been pondering recently, especially after an evangelical pastor was reported to have said the following according to a Christian news outlet:
"Materialism, drunkard pleasure seeking, arrogant conceit, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, and corrupt leadership . . . . Do you not see [them] in America? . . .
"[P]eople [ask] what is wrong with this country? . . . They have rejected the Word, the law of the Lord, the Holy One Himself."
In explaining the use of his words arrogant conceit, this pastor added that America was largely guilty of this sin because: "When a society does not want to hear from God, but wants to be its own authority where every man does that which is right in his own eyes and feels that he is the ultimate authority, he is the ultimate source of truth."
The pastor further observed: "We are not a covenant people in America, but we have been a privileged people." He stated that while America did not have a "divine promise as a unique nation called out," it had nevertheless been given "exposure to the divine promises of the gospel in Jesus Christ."
Yes, I believe America is under divine judgment.

Continue reading the rest of Ken Ham's letter about what is really happening in our churches and the culture.

News to Note Quick Look

Energizer beetle: Micro-air-vehicles (MAVs) have been on the drawing board for years. Tiny flying robots—insect size—can be programmed for search-and-rescue, surveillance, hazard assessment, and explosive detection. By studying insect flight and developing materials to imitate biological structures, some of the problems of aerodynamics and durability have been conquered. Read more.

Jurassic mother: Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo of the Carnegie Museum has done it again. Specializing in early mammalian evolution, he has just published an analysis of Juramaia sinensis, the latest "jewel among the spectacular treasure chest of the Chinese fossil record." The half-ounce fur-ball's name says it all: Juramaia sinensis means "Jurassic mother from China."Read more.


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