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Question of the Week: Does Christ have preeminence in your life?

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September 10, 2011

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Q: Does Christ have preeminence in your life?

A: The word preeminence is the Greek word proteuo, which means "to be first in rank or influence." It comes from the word protos, meaning "foremost in time, order, or importance." We see this word in the English word prototype—"the first type or model of something." It is therefore the idea of being first, and in that sense, holding the number one position in the order of things.
Now, preeminence simply means that Christ, as the head of the church, should be held in the highest esteem in each of our lives. As we think about His exalted status, there ought to well up within us an appreciation for His supreme position in the universe. In the priority structure of everything, He is in first place. He is the preeminent One.
Think about the human head for a minute. The head is the most prominent and preeminent feature about us—the color of our hair and eyes, the shape of our nose, the attractiveness of our smile. Many people spend a lot of money on their hair and teeth. It is not surprising that the cosmetic industry is a multibillion dollar business. It could be said that heads are who we are—the most preeminent aspect of our being.
In like fashion, we are to give that kind of attention to Christ. He deserves to be preeminent in all things.

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