Monday, July 18, 2011

Quotes of the Week

Preaching that is not teaching is poor preaching really. - Henry Hodges

Many use the air God graciously gives them to curse Him. - Unknown

I live a hand-to-mouth existence: God's hand to my mouth. - John R. Rice

To prophesy is not only to be able to foretell coming events, but to give the mind of God in relation to the present or future. - H.A. Ironside

Unbelief is always dumb. That is, it never has a message. I agree with Elizabeth Barret Browning who said that one without faith should be silent. There are many babblers around who are everlastingly spouting off about their unbelief. If they haven't anything to say, they should keep quiet. Let the man speak who believes in God and has something to say. - J. Vernon McGee

Any decision made without the help of God has potential for disaster. - Evangelist Dan Potter

Any decision made with the help of of will give you confidence and security- even in the face of adversity and danger. - Potter

Any problem big enough to cause you worry and concern is big enough to take to God in prayer. - Potter

Faith is doing what God wants you to do knowing that if you do one day you will be glad you did. - Dr. Bill Rice

Humility- my total inability to do anything and God's ability to use me to do anything. - Evangelist Pete Rice

What God does in us is a whole lot more important than what God does through us. - Pete Rice

I Peter 5:7= God making it His business to take care of you! He careth for you! - Pete Rice

Satan cannot destroy your soul but he can destroy your testimony. - Pete Rice

Your testing is not unique. One of two things will happen when you're tested. You'll get stronger or you'll get bitter. - Pete Rice

Don't use other people to climb your own ladder. - Pete Rice

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