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Question of the Week: Can angels and demons have emotions?

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July 30, 2011

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Q: Can angels and demons have emotions?

A: The Bible reveals that angels sang for joy at creation (Job 38:7) and have joy when people become believers (Luke 15:10).
Luke 8:29–36 describes Christ's encounter with Legion (called this because many demons had possessed the man). They begged Jesus not to send them into the abyss. These demons clearly displayed the emotion of fear, since they did not want to be tormented "before the time" (Matthew 8:29).
These examples are enough to show that angels and demons do have emotions. One thing we must never forget to do is look to the Scriptures to find these answers, rather than to movies and TV shows. The Bible is the only reliable source of information on Satan, demons, angels, etc., so one would be unwise to neglect it.

Continue reading to see more of what the Bible has to say on this topic.

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Terror in Norway: Anders Behring Breivik has been arrested for last week's terrorist attacks in Norway. Initial reports suggested the self-confessed terrorist was a "right-wing Christian fundamentalist." Closer examination has revealed that Breivik's beliefs and stated motivations have nothing to do with biblical Christianity or Christian faith and practice. Read more.


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