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Question of the Week: Were you there?

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July 16, 2011

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Q: Were you there?

A: When teaching children, we tell them they should politely ask the question "Were you there?" when talking to someone who believes in millions of years and molecules-to-man evolution.
If someone replies by asking the same question back, we say, "No we weren't there, but we know Someone who was there, Someone who cannot lie, who knows everything, and has always existed. And this One has revealed to us what happened in the past in His history book called the Bible. Are you interested in reading God's history book to find out what the Word of One who was there tells us about the true history of the world?"
This simply illustrates the difference between historical and operational science. The word "science" primarily means "knowledge." Operational science (based on our five senses, repeatable, observable, etc.) has enabled man to build wonderful technology. Whether one is an evolutionist or creationist, Christian or atheist, we basically agree on operational science. The disagreement comes when considering historical science—knowledge concerning the past when we were not there.

Continue reading as Ken Ham addresses the difference between observational and historical science.

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Doonesbury's deception: Last Sunday's funnies featured a Doonesbury cartoon designed to shape public opinion with a creative but distorted comic dialogue. Misinformation which can lead people to laugh their way into decisions with disastrous eternal consequences is not funny. Read more.

The functional fin: Marine biologists have long thought the "adipose fin" on the back of some fish was vestigial. Located between the dorsal and tail fins, the small adipose fin is often clipped by hatcheries to track the salmon they produce. Read more.


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