Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Tales

Greystoke was our Merle Great Dane. He brought many years of joy and hours of amusement to all of us... but not just us. We had to go out of down so we boarded Stokie with a local vet.

Cecil was the man in charge of the boarded dogs and he and Stokie soon were fast friends. He told me this story.

When I came to feed him I put the bowl on the floor and he just stood there and looked at me. I said, "Go ahead and eat," but he just stared at me. So I thought, "Okay, what's the problem here?" So I figured, okay- he's a tall dog. Maybe he doesn't eat off the floor. So I put the bowl on a stool and he ate it right up. When he finished he knocked the bowl off the stool with his paw telling me, "You can clear the table now."
At night I put an extra blanket in the run for him and he laid right down and went to sleep. First thing in the morning though he did number one on it so I figured he was finished with it for the day. The rest of the week went fine since he let me know what he wanted. I would give him a clean blanket at night and take away the dirty one in the morning after he took care of business. That's a smart dog- he knows what he wants and knows how to ask for it.

And so he did. We may not always know what we want but sometimes we wonder why God doesn't give us something in particular we want or need. It could be that He is just waiting on us to ask. James 4:2 have not, because ye ask not.

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