Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vance Havner Quotes of the Week

One may think of a minister as a householder standing before the people with all the treasure of God behind him, giving out of the wealth with never a fear of a Mother Hubbard experience, for that cupboard will never be bare! - Vance Havner

What a terrible time we have in our churches to keep people faithful in attendance and loyalty! How we reward and picnic and coax and tantalize church members into doing things they don't want to do but which they would do if they loved God! The only service that counts is faithful service that issues from love of Christ. - Vance Havner

Christian living calls for faithfulness. Not everyone can sing or preach, but all can be faithful. Maybe that is what takes the glamour out of it - anybody can do it! Anyway, there isn't much of it. - Vance Havner

Too many saints go up like rockets and come down like rocks. - Vance Havner

Of course, some saints are permanent fixtures; but our permanence should be the living permanence of a tree, not the dead stability of a tombstone. - Vance Havner

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