Saturday, September 10, 2016

Question of the Week: Why Are Young People Leaving Christianity?

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Why Are Young People Leaving Christianity?
Pew Research: Why Young People Are Leaving Christianity
Why Are They Leaving?
It comes as no surprise to anyone keeping a finger on the pulse of our culture that a dramatically high number of young people are leaving the church. Many of these formerly churched individuals are now identifying as religiously unaffiliated, and some are going so far as to declare themselves atheists or agnostics. Still others say they're "spiritual" but not religious. Why are so many young people abandoning traditional church?
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Beware of Theologians

Beware of Theologians "Redefining" Inerrancy

There is an increasing number of pastors, theologians, churches, and theological institutes that use the term inerrancy, but it may well be a redefined meaning.

Facial Expressions—The Universal Language

Facial Expressions—The Universal Language

Every human being has the ability to communicate with a range of expressions no other creature can match.

Ken Ham

Creation Scientist Designs Olympic Bicycle

What you may not know about the British Olympic cycling team is that Stuart Burgess, a creation scientist, was involved in designing their bicycles!

Creation Museum

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