Saturday, September 03, 2016

Question of the Week: How Can You Refute Atheism?

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How to Refute Atheism—Exposing an Irrational Worldview
Atheism: An Irrational Worldview
Refuting Materialistic Atheism
Materialistic atheism is one of the easiest worldviews to refute. A materialistic atheist believes that nature is all that there is. He believes that there is no transcendent God who oversees and maintains creation. Many atheists believe that their worldview is rational—and scientific.
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The Atheist Delusion with Ray Comfort
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Exposing the Underlying Worldview: Acts 17

Exposing the Underlying Worldview: Acts 17

Before looking at Acts 17, it is important to understand the origin of religion; in order to know the meaning of anything, we have to understand its origin.

Are We Brainwashing Our Children?

Are We Brainwashing Our Children?

Educators and "experts" who embrace evolution declare that children taught to reject an evolutionary worldview will never understand the world around them.

Ken Ham

What is a "Steeling" Conference?

"Steeling the Mind Bible Conference" is designed to act like steel sharpening steel as attendees grow in the Lord and study His Word.

Ark Encounter

What Fossils Will You Find?

What fossils will you uncover at the new Fossil Find at the Ark Encounter? Here are the four steps you will take to mine for fossils.

War of the Worldviews
War of the Worldviews
After Eden Answers with Ken Ham
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