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Question of the Week- Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years as the Age of the Earth?

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7 Reasons Why We Know the Earth is Young
Rock layers
Don't Accept Millions of Years
Many Christians say that the age of the earth is an unimportant and divisive side issue that hinders the proclamation of the gospel. But is that really the case?

We want to introduce you to some of the reasons we think that Christians cannot accept millions of years without doing great damage to the church and her witness in the world. We hope these help you see that from biblical proof to scientific evidence, it's clear the Bible gives us the true history of creation.
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Did Jesus Contradict Himself by Calling People Fools?

Why are people called fools in Scripture even though Jesus told us not to call people fools?

Linen in the empty tomb

Resurrection—No Doubt About It

"Impossible, a fake," modern scholars say about Christ's Resurrection. Yet a closer examination confirms the Bible's historical integrity.

Ken Ham

The Ark and Massive Media Coverage

Many international and national newspapers have been printing lengthy articles about the Ark Encounter's construction progress.

Wild Brothers

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

Next week we Wilds have the great opportunity to travel to the Creation Museum. Please join our family for a Q&A!

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