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Question of the Week: Can We Look to Nature to Reveal Truth About God?

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Can We Look to Nature to Reveal Truth About God?
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Is Nature the 67th Book of the Bible?
"Nature" is everything around us, and God gave it to humanity so that we could look into the universe around us and see His glory. But when the Bible mentions nature and the Word together, we find that only one of them is permanent and foundational for knowing and fulfilling His will. Nature—this universe—will pass away and be rolled up like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4), but God's Word will endure.

Those who promote nature as a missing aspect of God's revelation (the so-called "67th book of the Bible") need to understand two crucial fallacies with this idea.
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Doesn't the Bible Condone the Killing of One's Rebellious Child?

An atheist asks about one of the Bible's more difficult passages. Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell provides a thorough response to this issue.

Soft tissue under a microscope

Solid Answers on Soft Tissue

Hardly a month passes without new reports of "soft tissue" discovered in fossils. Could this material last millions of years?

Ken Ham

Giant Siberian "Unicorn" Discovered

This massive creature, similar to a rhino in appearance, was 6.5 feet tall, 15 feet long, and would've weighed up to 9,000 pounds.

Creation Museum

Who Said Goats Can't Have Birthday Parties?

Last week, the Nigerian Dwarf twin goats turned five so the petting zoo staff gave them a party to celebrate the special occasion.

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