Saturday, April 30, 2016

Question of the Week- Do Trees Matter?

From the highly recommended:

Here's Why Trees Matter to God 🌳
Arbor Day: Celebrating God's Design for Trees
Trees: Good Gifts from God
Most of us don't often actively think about trees. But whether you realize it or not, trees are quietly providing mankind with many benefits besides their aesthetic appeal.

Let's consider the prominent role of trees in God's plan, from the Bible's first pages to our modern ecosystems—and even in the gospel.
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Scene from God's Not Dead 2

Movie Review: God's Not Dead 2

With a bumper crop of ostensibly Christian films at the box office this spring, God's Not Dead 2 has made an impact.

Ten Commandments Image

Which Came First: Knowledge of God or Morality? (Or Both?)

Man's sense of the supernatural and morality, coupled with the fact that there is organized religion, all point to something special about humankind.

Ken Ham

Chimpanzees Throwing Rocks: Religious Ritual or Testimony to God's Design?

The media went wild with the idea that this proves chimpanzees have some kind of proto-religious belief that gave rise to religious rituals in early humans.

Answers VBS

Spanish Ocean Commotion Coming 2017

In collaboration with Fundación Veritas, we will have a Spanish version of VBS beginning in the 2017 VBS season.

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The Creation Museum Collection
After Eden Answers with Ken Ham
No Choice But Pro Life
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