Friday, April 22, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

Home is a blessing of God. This is a matter of sentiment, but it is not wrong to be sentimental. Something is wrong with a man who does not have any sentiment clustered around the name of mother or wife or baby. Oh, the dimpled hands of babies, the lovelight in the eyes of a good wife, the comforts of home, and the joy of the family altar! If you are not interested in that, I do not think much of either your humanity or your religion. - John R. Rice

You know there has been a wicked, hellish, ungodly, satanic teaching that by nature men are not as good as women, that by nature women are just a little better, that they are a little more naturally inclined toward God and morality and sweetness and purity of life. Don't you believe it! Not a word of Scripture bears it out. Nearly every kind of tom-fool idea that ever got credence in this country was started by some preacher. I heard a preacher say that there was not a man in the world good enough to be the husband of a nice, pure, good and sweet woman. I say that is a lie out of Hell. I know men who are as good as any woman in the way they talk, in the way they live, in the way they pray, and in their devotion to God and their purity and holiness. There are lots of men who are just as concerned about purity and holiness and just as blameless in heart and life as any woman is. Not a line in the Bible indicates that by nature a man shouldn't be required to be as godly as any woman, as pure in his mind as any woman, as loving and kindly as any woman. - John R. Rice

Listen to me, any man who has one standard for himself in moral matters and religious matters, and has a higher standard for his wife is a hypocrite. He does not live the way he talks. He does not mean business. If you are a man who does not want your little girls to smoke, nor your boys to smoke, and you smoke, you mark what I say (and if you do not believe it, I can soon prove it in private conversation), you are not sincere, you are not honest, you do not live like you talk. I say, you are a hypocrite. Your children may love you; they do not respect you. They will not respect you; no, they will not. - John R. Rice

Any man who leaves it to his wife to do the praying, leaves it to the wife to take the children to Sunday school, leaves it to the wife to have prayer at the table, leaves his wife all the devotions and the godliness and trying to keep the children out of Hell; anybody who does that, I say, is a slacker and a shirker and a quitter, and he isn't fit to have a good home. - John R. Rice

Happiness in the home depends on having God there and having the home honor Christ. Only where Christ is Lord can happiness have full place. If we expect to have a little bit of Heaven in our home, then we must have Christ there, and His will must be done. - John R. Rice

So the only way to have a blessed home is to have a Christian home where the principals in marriage are saved people putting Christ first. - John R. Rice

It is dangerous for a Christian to marry one who is not saved. Can Christ and Satan both be Lord in the same house? Can you mix Hell with Heaven and still make the home happy? When a Christian marries a child of Satan can one expect their union, the most intimate of all human relationships, will be a happy one? No, no! The marriage of a Christian to an unsaved person is a sin against God, and certain misery and unhappiness.- John R. Rice

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