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Question of the Week: 175 Years Young—Did Abraham Die at a "Good Old Age"?

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175 Years Young—Did Abraham Die at a "Good Old Age"?
Contradictions: Did Abraham Really Live to a
An Age-Old Contradiction?
At first look, there may appear to be a contradiction in Genesis 25:8, which states that Abraham lived to a "good old age." But Eber, Abraham's great-grandfather of six generations earlier, actually outlived him. So how can Abraham be said to have lived to a good old age when there were people much older than him still alive at the time of his death?
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Are Dinosaurs Still Among Us?

Are Dinosaurs Still Among Us?

A new exhibit, "Dinosaurs Among Us," at the American Museum of Natural History showcases the idea that dinosaurs are still among us in the form of birds.

Why Do Atheists Care?

Why Do Atheists Care?

If God doesn't exist—and life has no ultimate meaning—why do atheists get passionate when it comes to fighting biblical Christianity?

Ken Ham

Bible Is on List of Books Most Frequently Challenged in Schools

Formerly a staple in schools across America, the Bible has increasingly been kicked out of schools even while the religion of secularism is openly taught.

Bryan Osborne

Radiometric Dating and the Age of the Earth

Most dating techniques point to a very young earth, and only a few radiometric-dating methods suggest an old earth.

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