Friday, April 08, 2016

John R. Rice Quotes of the Week

And if you should call my name in Heaven, I think ten billion angels would cry out, "There's nothing against him. It is all clear." Thank God, it is all paid! If anyone should bring the question up again in Heaven, I have Somebody there, I have a Lawyer there at the court, I have a Friend there, and He is my Intercessor, He is my High Priest- Jesus Christ, my Substitute. Jesus will show you those hands with the wounds, and that will be proof enough! Jesus is the Eternal Witness that all my sins are paid for, as well as all the sins of everybody else. That is justification. "Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures." God let Him suffer in our place, and that God counted as my payment. Thank God, all is paid! God said, "Since I am honest, I can't have this paid for twice. Since I am honest I can't require John Rice to go to Hell, for Jesus suffered the tortures of Hell. If John Rice will take the substitution, then we can count that settled. And so it is. - John R. Rice

Jesus was a "Hell-fire preacher." To Him, Hell was a fact, a horrible fact, but a necessary one. With holy indignation, He preached against sin and with solemn warning He urged men to flee from the wrath to come. Bible preachers, preachers who follow the Lord Jesus Christ, must preach about Hell. - John R. Rice

It is the business of the devil to make men believe that there is no Hell, or that Hell is the grave, or that Hell is only figurative, not a literal place, or that men in Hell will be burned up at once without much pain, or that they will have another chance to be saved, or that after all, God is too good to send folks to Hell; then the devil accomplishes his purpose, gets men to continue in sin, and so go to Hell. It is the devil's business to minimize or deny the Bible teaching on Hell. - John R. Rice

A man who believes the Bible and seeks to please God must preach Hell. - John R. Rice

Those who encourage men to reject Christ sometimes say that Hell is only the grave. How foolish that is when you hear the rich man cry out in Hell, "I am tormented in this flame"! He was not simply in the grave! He wanted his brothers to repent "lest they come to this place of torment." Repenting would not have kept his brothers from the grave; it would keep them from Hell. - John R. Rice

The Scriptures about Hell are so definite that any man who says Hell is the grave is either an ignoramus or a deliberate deceiver. - John R. Rice 

Infidels love to say that they, weak sinful men, would not send their children to a place like Hell, and that if God loves His children He would not condemn them to go to Hell. I answer back that unsaved sinners are not the children of God. No one is a child of God until he has been born again. Others are the children of wrath. Jesus said to the Pharisees in John 8:44, "Ye are of your father the devil." God's children never go to Hell, but the children of the devil do. - John R. Rice

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