Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sometimes we elevate loyalty to a virtue without considering to whom we are being loyal.  Any loyalty that hinders your obedience to God is a treasonous act to be avoided. - Evangelist Wil Rice

Now some people don't enjoy coming to church. You know why they don't? They're fighting against God! They're fighting God's Will. They sit in misery there. Don't like the preacher. Don't like the singer. Don't like the announcements. Don't like anything at all. And they are embarrassed about it all. It troubles them. Why? They're fighting against God, God's will for their lives. Submission will bring happiness and worship. - Dr. Lee Roberson

Do your best; that's all an angel can do. No one does his or her duty unless he does his best. More people fail from lack of purpose than lack of opportunity. Their sparker and gas don't work together. - Evangelist William A. "Billy" Sunday

All some people care for is appearances. They are all front door- open the door and you are in the back yard. If all tombstones told the truth, the devil would be wearing mourning. - Sunday

I am asked about the young people in my youth as compared with today. I don't know that young people do things today they did not do when I was young. They have more ways of making fools of themselves. - Sunday

When booze and virtue take a joyride, virtue never comes back home. - Sunday

I believe in the absolute Deity of Jesus, His virgin birth, His atoning death, His resurrection from the dead, His future coming in glory, and the hopeless, helpless state of men aside from the redeeming work of Christ. We must never compromise with those who have apostatized from the truth if we are to be worthy sons and daughters of worthy ancestors who sealed their faith in blood. - Sunday

Luck has not much to do with success. Much more depends on being prepared so you can take advantage of luck. - President Calvin Coolidge

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