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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should public schools critically teach evolution and creation?

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September 21, 2013

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Q: Should public schools critically teach evolution and creation?

A: Public school teachers know that they can critically discuss different theories in regard to just about every issue—but not evolution. There are the usual accusations of trying to get "religion" into schools. But when the public school system threw out prayer, Bible readings, creation, and the Ten Commandments, they didn't throw out religion. They replaced the Christian worldview influence with an atheistic humanism.
Whenever permissible, evolutionary ideas should be taught—but warts and all. There are many inconsistencies within the evolutionary framework and many disagreements about how to interpret the evidence. When appropriate, point out that many scientists, both creationists and evolutionists, do not believe that Darwinian evolution is adequate for explaining the existence of life on earth.
At the same time, it is not right that the tenets of secular humanism can be taught at the exclusion of Christian ideas. This type of exclusivity does not promote the critical thinking skills of students demanded by most science education standards. While we do not believe that creation should be mandated in public school science classrooms, teachers should be allowed, at the very least, the academic freedom to present various models of the history of life on earth and teach the strengths and weaknesses of those models.
Read the whole article from The New Answers Book 3 to see how evolution is actually a cornerstone of the religion of humanism. Author Roger Patterson also provides helpful advice to Christian teachers and administrators.

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