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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What did Noah's Ark look like?

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September 7, 2013

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Q: What did Noah's Ark look like?

A: Noah's ark has been a popular subject for artists throughout the centuries. However, it is not easy to adequately depict this vessel because the description in Genesis 6 is very brief.
While the Bible gives us essential details on many things, including the size and proportions of Noah's ark, it does not necessarily specify the precise shape of this vessel. It is important to understand, however, that this lack of physical description is consistent with other historical accounts in Scripture.
Scripture gives no clue about the shape of Noah's ark beyond its proportions—length, breadth, and depth. Ships have long been described like this without ever implying a block-shaped hull.
Read the rest of this chapter taken from the New Answers Book 3 to read about a major scientific study investigating the seaworthiness of various hull designs, which ultimately affirmed the design of Noah's Ark.

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