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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is antibiotic resistance an example of evolution?

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September 28, 2013

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Q: Is antibiotic resistance an example of evolution?

A: The widespread overuse of antibiotics has contributed to the rise of bacteria that resist such medical treatment. At least two million people in the U.S. alone get infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria each year.
Antibiotic resistance is often held up as the "poster-child" proving evolution in action. But resistant survivors are not new, more complex kinds of organisms. They are only resistant varieties of the same kinds of bacteria. As we've said many times before, antibiotic resistance is natural selection in action, not evolution in action.
The battle against resistant bacteria is surely a battle against a nightmare at times, but not against an evolutionary one. Finding precise molecular targets at which various molecules attack pathogenic bacteria does not unveil evolution in action but just the ordinary, and unfortunately in this case very efficient, process of natural selection.
Read the whole article by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell to consider new research into how anti-microbial molecules work in the effort to provide good medical care for those in need.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Genesis of Germs: The Origins of Diseases and the Coming Plagues
It seems that a new and more terrible disease is announced almost daily. Author Professor Alan Gillen shows that constantly mutating diseases are proof for devolution rather than evolution, the result of the literal Fall and Curse of creation as a result of man's sin.

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Today's question was also a News to Know item. In case you missed it, this week we also featured the following News to Know items:
Are Biological Gears Evolutionary Training Wheels for Leafhoppers? A recent report highlights the first functioning mechanical gears to be discovered in a living organism. These juvenile leafhoppers synchronize their back legs with gears.
Alien Life Found in the Stratosphere? Samples from the stratosphere are said to suggest Perseid meteor shower was reminiscent of a "panspermic" origin of life on earth.

After Eden

After Eden

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This week Steve Ham talks with Dr. Stuart Scott (associate professor of biblical counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky) to answer the question, "What Are the Similarities Between Biblical Counseling and Biblical Creation?"

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The Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains It, Part 2
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