Monday, August 15, 2011

Quotes of the Week

Going down the King's Highway with a little Book and a lot to say. - Henry Hodges

God has no cell phone, but He is my favorite contact. He does not have Facebook, but He is my best friend. He does not use Twitter, but I still follow Him! - Evangelist James Croft

Are you further from God than you ever were in your life with all of your promises? Listen, your church-going, hymn-singing, offerings and all of the rest of your religious paraphernalia, are so much mockery because you have chosen to not walk the straight and blessed path of obedience and trust. God help you. - Gipsy Smith
Quotes from Evangelist Lester Roloff

Prayer is the antidote for worry. Prayer is the finding of the road and the shifting of the load.

Prayer is not a storm cellar or a fire escape. Prayer is a huge department store where we obtain for the asking breat, meat, medicine, clothes and all other of life's essentials.

Prayer is just as certain as the promises of God.

Prayer is not conquering the resistance of God, but taking hold of His willingness.

Rheumatism in prayer joints will result in spiritual paralysis.

Prayer was the oil that prepared Elijah's altar on which the fire of God fell and burned out the opposition.

A praying preacher will still exalt Jesus. dear friend, it's a lot better to be in the fiery furnace with Jesus than out without Him.

Many hate to face the thought of dying, but it's eventually going to come. Don't fear it... prepare for it!

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